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The year 2021 will be a year of grace for the whole Catholic Church in the Philippines. On that year, the local church in the Philippines will be celebrating the 5th centenary of the Christian faith in the country. To prepare the faithful for this great celebration, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines has lined up nine major pastoral priorities to be given emphasis and to be celebrated every year starting 2013 leading to the celebration in the year 2021. The nine priorities are:

2013 Year of Faith
2014 Year of the Laity
2015 Year of the Clergy and Religious
2016 Year of the Eucharist and the Family
2017 Year of the Parish as a Communion of Communities
2018 Renewal of Clergy and Religious
2019 Year of the Youth
2020 Ecumenism and the Inter-Religious Dialogue
2021 Mission Ad Gentes

We have just ended the year of the Eucharist and the Family. And last November 26, 2016 we launched the celebration of the YEAR OF THE PARISH AS A COMMUNION OF COMMUNITIES. Based on the homily of His Eminence Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, this will be a year for us to recognize our diversity. And we are different from one another in so many ways. But in spite of the diversity we are also one in many ways. We are one in faith, in the Eucharist and we have one God. These are some of the ways in which we can show that there is unity in diversity in our life as Christians. Uniqueness is also one factor in diversity. Each individual is unique from the others. But through mutual respect and love, uniqueness becomes a way to unity.

THE YEAR OF THE PARISH AS A COMMUNION OF COMMUNITIES is a year of generosity. It is a time for us to share whatever we have and possess. This refers not only to the material things that we have but also to the talents that we possess. It is therefore a time for us to participate actively in the life of the Church. This participation is not only for the good of our own small communities but it is also for those who are marginalized and for those who have not yet heard the Word of God. This year therefore is a call to all of us not just to be a communion of communities but also a call to mission.

As we begin a new calendar of the Church, let us bear in mind that we live not only for ourselves but we live for others. And in living for others we try to build a community. A community bound by one faith, one baptism and one Lord. Let us focus our attention and center our lives on the Baby who was born in Bethlehem. The baby who was born not to live but to die for us because of His great love and mercy for all of us. And let us continue to share that love and mercy to one another as we continue to live our lives as one family, one community of believers and one Church.


30,000 baptisms…12,000 confirmations…14,000 weddings, innumerable masses and countless of souls delivered. These are some of the fruits of the 50 years of presence of Santuario de San Jose in Greenhills. 50 years of serving the needs of the people. 50 years of leading families to holiness and journeying together in the way that Saint Joseph led the Holy Family of Nazareth.

The journey has come to a new age: the age of advanced technologies and modern social communications media. Because of this, we need to embark not on a new journey but on a new way of making the journey. We have to be dynamic and be attuned to the signs of the times. We have to be relevant even in the way we preach the Gospel. Modern yet remaining faithful to the principles and teachings of Christ. This can be achieved through on-line evangelization.

This site will make this possible. It will not just be a source of knowledge for all. But this site will be a source of unity, courage, hope and inspiration in order to live the life of Christians faithfully following the Lord.

Join us in this maiden way of journeying towards our goal. Let us never let go. Let us travel together to achieve our goal of holiness so that together as one family we can reach our destiny, that is, heaven.

My heartfelt gratitude to the author, creator, designer and contributors to this website. Kudos and more power. God bless!